I’m still very new to this whole blogging world, but I really like the idea of prompts, they take us outside of our boxes and challenge us to think about a specific word, or question, and EVEN it looks like there are art and photography prompts, so cool 😍 but as my blog mostly consists of writing and a few family photos (maybe one day I will get into photography) but nonetheless I love this idea….

But why?

As a common question from a 3 year old!

Sorry being quarantined with mostly kids under the age of 5 these past few weeks,

Half my language is toddler talk…

Anyways I recently discovered (like 30 min ago) how to follow tags so forgive me I’m really behind on this and hopefully I can figure this all out but I was looking up prompts and followed a few new tags just so I can read other content, and I thought oh I wonder if there are bible study prompts? you know I love my bible study!

Sadly I wasn’t able to find any 😢 maybe if there is some out there, will someone let me know? but in the meantime maybe I can fill in that gap…

Here is the real reason why I would like to do some bible prompts…

I have learned so much from word studying the Bible, you would be amazed!

And you know… reading the Bible, studying the Bible, and journaling as you read, it is really not as complicated as it seems. You don’t need to be a scholar!

You actually might be surprised at how much more it actually makes sense when you word study.

So to anyone who is following along, I would like to do a weekly word prompt

Let’s hashtag this #bibleprompt. if you are not familiar with prompts I can hopefully learn more before I decide what the topic will be and explain better with the next post.

Let’s get in our Bibles and study more, Learn more, read more, pray more!

Word of the week coming soon….

Stay tuned ❤️

And please don’t think this is a blogger only participation, if you don’t have a blog maybe take the word or topic and research it yourself write in your own personal journal at home after all the goal is for you to learn more right!


And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

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